Developing Emerging Leaders

Organisational Culture Models

Evolutioned works with new Team Leaders from organisations like Instaclustr, and one theme we explore is self-correction. Edgar Schein’s organisational culture model helps better understand leadership behaviours and team performance. Let’s have a more detailed look.

One useful frame of reference for navigating the shift from technical expert to leader is Edgar Schein’s organisational culture model.

Implications for your behaviour as a leader

  • Transparency and candour
    Foster open communication by addressing underlying assumptions and motivations, especially when they clash with espoused values or hinder performance. This builds trust and encourages collaborative problem-solving.

  • Role modelling
    Being aware of the impact of others’ leadership styles on your behaviour as a new leader and being conscious of the desired behaviours you want to demonstrate. Leading by example is crucial for influencing the team’s culture and motivating them to adopt constructive team behaviours.

Be aware of these team insights

  • Increased cohesion
    A shared understanding of the underlying assumptions and values contributes to a stronger sense of trust within the team. This can lead to more open communication and more productive collaboration.

  • Improved conflict resolution
    Open communication about underlying assumptions can help the team understand conflict and tension in a constructive way, minimising disruption.

At Evolutioned, we’ve incorporated into our programs the tools that help emerging leaders practice and develop their abilities to self-correct. We offer a specific program just for Emergent Leaders. 

Visit our Emergent Leaders offering in the Evolutioned Store.  

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