Emerging Leaders in Tech/Cyber

Technical performance through team culture excellence.

Our program for emerging leaders in tech and cyber helps transition technical team members to team leaders. Importantly, we focus on how new leaders can develop engaged, psychologically safe teams through applying evidence-based skills and techniques. We delve into systems thinking, mental models and behavioural archetypes – useful for your role as a leader of people, and navigating the worlds of tech and cyber.

We focus first on self-awareness, then team skills and delivering value as a leader in your organisation. We work with your emerging leadership talent to explore:

  • self-awareness
  • team-awareness
  • strength-based approaches to leadership
  • managing for value delivery, and
  • delivering in context of your organisation.


The price is for up to 12 participants. The program delivery is 9 hours, with delivery mode and timing tailored to your needs.


A Group of People Getting to Know Each Other

$12,500.00 Ex GST

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