Leadership Alignment Workshop

Performance through leadership excellence.

If you’re here, you’ve come to the right place. You won’t regret reading on.

Facilitated exclusively by our CEO, Joel Madden, this workshop is our flagship offering for teams in government, tech and industry. It is designed to be highly engaging, personally challenging, and hugely rewarding for your team.

Whether you desire higher performance in a program team, portfolio team or other stakeholder group, we’ll future proof your people, processes and performance culture. We help empower and upskill to remove the rough edges of interactions, and increase cohesion between teams.

The workshop is designed to be tightly structured, and organically defined. We cover what is real, relevant and meaningful to you and your team, including, but not limited to:

  • Values-based leadership and organisational alignment
  • Resolving conflict, tension and drama
  • Constructive team dynamics
  • Organisational design and development
  • Building psychological safety
  • Hardwiring resilience into individual thinking and team process
  • Providing insight into sub-optimal behavioural and cultural responses
  • Revealing hidden assumptions to drive profound change


Outcomes include:

  • the ability to discuss the previously undiscussable (not behind closed doors with a chosen few)
  • a shared understanding of what is required for team performance (not just lip service)
  • enhanced trust between team members (no more workarounds)
  • foundations for honesty and transparency (no tiptoeing around issues or people)
  • increased psychological safety (we’re not just being ‘nice’, we’re focused on performance)
  • actively influencing the organisational system (not blaming and making excuses)


Take the guesswork out of leadership dynamics culture with our evidence-based, no-nonsense approach to defining and governing performance.  We dive deep into the drivers of behaviour and your system of people to tweak causal culture factors for optimal outcomes.

Pricing includes stakeholder conversations, bespoke design and delivery of a one-day workshop – contact us for more details.

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